Chloe Maceda



My name is Chloe Maceda, and I am currently a high school student in grade twelve. I aspire to major in Computer Science in university and work for big companies in Silicon Valley like Google or Microsoft. I am one of Ladies Learning Code's Teen Club Ambassadors. I enjoy volunteering and working, especially in a new environment. I am a resourceful and curious person. As well, I am helpful and collaborative with my peers.

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My Summer Co-op Experience

Volunteer Experience

AGO Kids Summer Camp

Assistant Counsellor

August 2016


  • To help prepare art supplies and activities with the lead counselor and art teacher.
  • Encourage and help children to participate with the art activities and games.
  • Interact with the children.

Kids and Girls Learning Code

Youth Engagement Mentor

August 2015


  • Guide and assist the children during the workshops.
  • Encourage and interact with the children to participate during camp activities.
  • Setting up and preparing the laptops ready for the children to use.

Microsoft World Developer Conference

Ladies Learning Code Representative

August 2016


  • Setting up and preparing the Ladies Learning Code booth.
  • Interact and engage in conversations with executive leaders and developers.
  • Showcase what Ladies Learning Code uses to teach (e.g. Scratch) and Teen Club projects.


Photography is a job and a hobby. I enjoy taking pictures of architecture, people, and art. As I am a part of the yearbook class, it is my responsibility to take pictures of events happening around the school. When I have free time, I go outside with my friends and take pictures around the city. As I continue to take pictures and practice photoshopping, it gives me a chance to develop my photography skills.

Click the arrows to check out a few pictures I have taken recently:

Inside the Oculus, New York
Jasmyn, CN Tower
Lights, LACMA
School Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
Toronto, Ontario
New York City, New York
Toronto Light Festival, Toronto
New York City, New York
New York
School Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
The MET, New York
Jasmyn, Graffiti Alley


Loretto Abbey Secondary Catholic School


I am currently a grade eleven student in Loretto Abbey C.S.S. I am a part of this year's Music Council as a Choir Representative. I am also the Co-President of the technology club in my school called, "Abbey Bytes," which aims to inspire and encourage students in my school to learn about the importance of the evolving technology today.

Awards that I have accomplished:

  • Grade 9 Honor Roll
  • Loretto's Outstanding Volunteering Efforts

Alliance Fran├žaise Toronto


I am currently taking extra French classes outside of school during the weekends to help me build my speaking and writing skills that will be useful in the future. I am particularly aiming to have the ability to engage in an actual French conversation and easily write a paragraph about a topic in French.

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